Why work with Aaron?

Kyle M. & Kaylan M. 

Working with Aaron took all of the stress out of being a first time home buyers. Being new to the city, he was knowledgeable, open, and informative when showing us properties in areas we were less familiar with. His flexibility and great attitude made meeting with him for showings a breeze. We would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a fun and focused home buying experience.

Jared & Catherine B. 

Aaron was on top of it from the start. We set our preferred area of where we’d like to live and he immediately started scheduling showings. We had a short amount of time to be out of the house we were in, so he made sure to schedule plenty of showings in just a few weeks to find the one we love. He made sure to weed out all of the homes he knew we wouldn’t like, to maximize our timeframe. He went above and beyond from inspections, to negotiating, to closing. We highly recommend Aaron and we’ll definitely be using him for any future real estate needs.

Mark W. & Neill A. 

Aaron was on it! He knew how to weed out all the options I wouldn't like. He communicates and prioritizes very well, and is effective at negotiation and organization... Not to mention he's super friendly and "in the know". He made the process of renting quick and simple, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone seeking to buy or rent a home. (He has great taste).

Marsha C. 

I worked with Aaron twice; once as a home buyer and once as a home seller (in that order). In both instances, Aaron was very forthcoming with knowledge and gave honest feedback. With NOLA having several hot and cold areas with housing, it is very critical that someone be informative of the  neighborhoods keeping in mind the possibility to sale your home later. Even though, that is what happened with us, it was completely by happenstance since we thought we'd bought our first anchored home. He is very personable, friendly, and has that BFF appeal that reduces the pain of a vacant house search or house sale. He is matter of fact and streamlined the entire process, which was especially helpful for 1st time home buyers like us. He did digital transactions and was always available, even during catastrophic home moments unrelated to the home buying process. Because of my first experience with him 3 years prior is why when we relocated due to employment is why I rang him up out of the blue to help sell our home. I am grateful that he handled much of the burden during the home sale when we were four hours away, and saying burden is a forgivable synonym for the craziness we experienced by the potential buyer. I doubt any other realtor would do that. Let alone, he also is careful to inform hi properly according to LA real estate law. Basically, Aaron championed both of our real estate transactions and I emphatically pleased with his performance as my realtor.

Farrah B.  

I recently relocated to New Orleans and Aaron assisted me with finding the perfect rental. This was a year long process because I would have to fly in and look at the properties and I had one delay in moving after another and despite this exhaustive lengthy process Aaron never lost interest or patience with me. He continued to send me properties to look at that fit my criteria. I have experienced agents having very little interest in helping someone who is only renting and not buying. Aaron made me feel like myself and my relocation were a top priority for him. His knowledge of the areas that I was looking is impressive. I absolutely love my new home and it has everything I wanted and more! Thank you for all your help Aaron!

Laura F. 

I recently relocated to New Orleans and Aaron helped me find a great home rather quickly. He was on top of all the current options, helped navigate the process and was incredibly honest. On top of that he's nice and funny and removed the stress that usually engulfs a rental scenario. I will definitely reach out if/when I take the plunge to buy a piece of Nola.